Why St Margaret's?


Nearly every child will be fine at nearly every school. A bit of a generalisation, but broadly realistic. ‘Fine’ is not very ambitious. But it’s an improvement on ‘unhappy’. Or ‘bored’. Or ‘crushed by pressure’.

So most girls will enroll somewhere, and emerge at the other end, feeling that their school was ‘fine’. And nobody chooses a school thinking their daughter will be unhappy, bored, or crushed by pressure, but that is how some girls will emerge.

Some parents choose St Margaret’s School for their daughters. Given the vast selection of schools round here, from domestic house to hothouse, why would they do that?

Well, it’s possibly because no girl is ‘crushed by pressure’ here, yet they will still end up far more likely to have more A grades at the end of their educational journey than any other grade…

Well, it’s possibly because being ‘bored’ is not something you hear girls complaining about. In lessons, the classes are very small, and so this gives our teachers the time to look at each girl’s needs and work out what she will find just the right level of challenge to keep her engaged and constantly moving forward. Out of lessons, she will have a wide choice of things to do. But in or out of lessons, our culture is for every girl to have a go at everything, so ‘bored’ really isn’t an option.


Or, it’s possibly because ‘unhappy’ is not an adjective we come across very often. The girls have a justified reputation for their kindness and supportiveness towards each other. Bullying happens, but it’s very rare, mainly because the girls themselves won’t stand for it.

So, you could choose somewhere where your daughter will hopefully be absolutely ‘fine’, or you could choose for her to join the St Margaret’s family.

Why not come and visit us, meet some of the girls, and ask them what adjectives they would use to describe their life here?