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Physical development of every pupil at St Margaret's is considered to be very important right from the very first stage of Reception. The PE and games programme offers a wide opportunity for pupils to improve movement and ball skills, develop eye-hand coordination and improve levels of fitness.

Dance, games and gymnastic skills are taught from an early age making use of both off-site and on-site facilities. We are fortunate to have the use of some excellent, attractive and well maintained local off-site sports grounds. From Early Years onwards children take part in competitive team games both during lessons and through the inter-house and later the inter-school fixture programme. Swimming is part of the summer term curriculum throughout the Junior School.

The Junior School netball teams have achieved commendable success in recent years. We also play competitive rounders in the summer term and have a wide variety of sports clubs on offer throughout the year. We have 2 gym clubs, 2 tennis clubs, a junior and senior running club, table tennis, street dance, cheerleading and ballet. During the summer term we have an annual sports day and inter-house swimming gala. At the end of the spring term we hold a movement display that has proved very popular and includes every pupil in the school, from Reception to Year 8.

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