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Our curriculum places the personalised learning experience of our girls at its heart. Our small class sizes allow every girl to gain the individual attention and support of excellent teachers.

The Infant School offers a broad and balanced curriculum which benefits from subject specific teachers in ICT, French, Music and PE. Subject specialism begins at the start of Reception and helps us to develop a more formal approach to our timetable at an earlier age.

In Reception we provide a bright and stimulating environment and deliver an exciting and creative curriculum which aims to extend pupils in keeping with our unique school community and warm ethos. Adjoined to our well resourced Reception classroom we have an outdoor learning environment which develops our child-initiated activities and helps our pupils to work towards their independent learning goals. Alongside our full-time reception teacher we also have a full-time early- years specialist teaching assistant to ensure we are able to offer the personal approach that we are so keen to boast about.

As our girls progress into Year 1 and on to Year 2 there is depth, formality and further stretch added to our already broad and balanced curriculum. We are focused on inspiring a love of reading and are well resourced to develop an excellent reading curriculum.

You will expect to see the following subjects on your daughter's timetable:
PE and Games

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